Purchasing a new Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray Tunnel/Booth for your Business in South Africa – all you need to know

According to The Sowetan Live Publication, A Sanitizing Disinfection Booth was installed on Thursday morning, 7 May 2020, at the Randburg Taxi Rank. 

Randburg Taxt Rank becomes the first Taxi Rank in South Africa in 2020 to make use of 1 of these new Sanitizing Tunnel Booths. 

A launch programme occurred on Thursday morning by SANTACO (South African National Taxi Council) to intensify the disinfection programme to curb spread of Covid-19.

More can be read about this launch on the Sowetan Live Publication. Picture accredited to Antonio Muchave from the Sowetan Live. 

Read more about Sanitizing Booth Launched at Randburg Taxi Rank on the Sowetan.

What is a decontamination walk-through disinfection Sanitizing tunnel?

A Sanitizing Disinfection Tunnel is a container-like box or booth that is placed at an entrance of a building so that people have to walk through them before entering that building or area.

The tunnels operate using a specially placed motion sensor which detects when a person walk into one of them slowly, which then activates a sanitizing spraying solution which sprays a mist solution around you for about 15 to 20 seconds before turning off.

The solution kills the virus and disinfects people passing through.

There is a large market in South Africa of companies looking for such large scale disinfecting solutions to keep their staff and customers safe. The South African Government has also placed importance of companies and retail outlets to practice Coronavirus prevention measures otherwise they threat being shut down.

Are Sanitizing tunnels safe to use in South Africa?

Afriten Technologies has a large range of various Sanitizing Tunnels and Ozone Disinfection Tunnels which they are selling in South Africa. We asked them if Sanitizing tunnels are safe to use in South Africa.

“Yes, our Sanitizing Tunnels are very safe for Humans.” 

They sent us a spec sheet and a SABS approved certificate of the sanitizer that they use in their tunnels, that shows that they are using a Diraquat-T Dual Quat based sanitizer that is SABS approved.

Are Sanitizing Tunnels Expensive to Operate?

A couple readers have asked what is the price of the Sanitizing Tunnel Solutions and we would have thought that spraying a Sanitizing solution for a full working day can cost hundred of thousands of Rands for a company to operate per month but surprisingly to our findings Sanitizing Tunnels are not expensive to operate at all and various different units come with either a 1 or 2 year guarantee. 

Afriten Technologies told us: “Our flow rate is 190ml per 8 hour working day provided that the tunnel is being continuously activated. we supply you with your first 25 litre drum.
The tunnel Is turned on, when the motion sensor is activated and stays on for about 15- 20 secs til the next person activates the sensor.”
When asking for a quote on their sanitizing solution, they advised that you get 1 x 25 barrel with your sanitizing tunnel order. If you need to order replacement Sanitizing solution then it retails for the following rates:
  • 5 litre is R200;
  • 25 litre drum replacement is only R960. 
This makes these disinfection booths surprisingly cheap and affordable to run. They also sell replacements parts which may need replacements from general usage and ware and tear such as pipe replacements.

Where can Sanitizing Tunnels be used?

The Sanitising booths represent a safe protection and entry for everyone, in particular for those who work in close contact with groups and are therefore at higher risk. They have told us that sanitizing tunnels can be used at many various areas such as Corporate Office Entrances, Grocery Stores, Shopping Centres and Malls, Restaurants, Schools and Universities, Mines, Industrial Factories, Warehouse Booths, Sporting Stadiums, Public Service Areas such as Taxi Ranks.

We are told that Sanitizing tunnels can be modified and customized per request as an additional fee. Some customers are choosing to modify the tunnels and accompany them with a temperature sensor device that can further monitor staff and crowds temperatures entering buildings and public areas. Should someone have a high temperature then an alarm will sound. 

SPAR Express Mbombela tests Sanitizing Tunnel

SPAR Express Mbombela places an Anti Vi Sanitizing Tunnel at their entrance as a test.

Jaco Dos Santos, owner of the SPAR Express Mbombela, said they feel honoured that the system is being tested at their shop. “And it’s not about getting clients, it’s about having people feel safe when they come here.”

According to him, “it is very effective because you don’t have to pick up a bottle of sanitiser and there also doesn’t have to be a person physically standing at the door.”

Gautrain Stations reopened this past week in South Africa. Kgobe says the GMA and Gautrain operator Bombela are in the process of procuring disinfecting spray booths that will be installed at the entrance to each station. Passengers are required to walk through the spray booth before entering the station. The disinfectant spray is harmless and targets the Covid-19 virus carried on people’s clothing and bags, says Kgobe. Passengers’ temperatures will also be monitored.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula wants government to buy disinfecting booths for Metrorail before it can resume services. Mbalula inspected the Gautrain and its stations, which reopened for business in level 4 of the lockdown on Monday. He says the Gautrain demonstrated it can take precautions to stop the spread of the virus with the new technology. However, he has warned the COVID-19 outbreak is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

“So if you say to me you’ve got a booth and we spend a couple of millions for other booths, I see there is value for money it is properly serviced, you’ve appointed proper people to do that”, said Mbalula.

The booth costs between R 80-000 and R 150-000 and is locally made. 

Mbalula has also warned that he won’t allow looters to hijack the demand for the new technology.

“Normally in government, you know, in this time, you procure things to make more money and line your pockets. But I want value for money, when I see the booth, I see a value for money.”

Over a million South Africans have returned to work on Monday under strict regulations for public transport.


*Gautrain content from ENCA and Engineering News.

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  1. Please could you send an estimate of what a sanitizing booth would cost. We would require five for a primary school. We are also urgently trying to find sponsorship for this and for any other sanitizing materials required for our children.


    – Installation of walk-through decontamination and sanitizing tunnel.
    – Tunnel to operate using sensors or beam when the person walk-through.
    – The sanitizing spray must have the capacity to decontaminate and kill any viruses as the person walks-through.
    – The solution for spraying to be organic matter to prevent any side effects or allergies.
    – The tunnel to have infrared temperature measuring device.
    – Each booth must have operator’s manual.
    – The booth must be at least 2.3m(H), 1.15 (W) and 1.95m(L).
    – Power supply to be 240V.
    – Power to be 45W
    – Operating noise to be less 30 dB
    – 35 units

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